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Romeiros~Pilgrims Ltd Edition (200ex Signed with Print)

Image of Romeiros~Pilgrims Ltd Edition (200ex Signed with Print)


"Romeiros~Pilgrims" is a contemporary look on the people making Alto Minho in Portugal, a permanent place for party. A romance made of photos, written with an ironic and colourful tone, showing us the age-old traditions in contact with the future, a strong debate between the profane and the sacred. A work by Paulo Alegria in 200 photographies, with texts by Raul Pereira.

Author: Paulo Alegria
Text: Raul Pereira
Revision: Maria Viana & Catarina Pereira
Translation: Rui Cordeiro da Silva
Layout Design: ACIDesign
Press: CROJ Artes Gráficas

Publisher: Author and CMVCAS
Circulation: 200 copies
(unique edition 11/2010)
Dimensions: 280x200x26mm (book), 300x224x35mm (box) 280x200mm (photo)
ISBN 9789725882153

Details: Portuguese-English bilingual book, numbered and signed by the author with 272 pages printed in 150 gr. couchet paper with overall semimatt finishing. 2,5 mm hardcover with 170 gr. couchet paper jacket with plasticized matt finishing. Unique exclusive print of one of the 200 photos published in the book. Each book goes with its own photography processed by Fuji Frontier 350 on Fuji Crystal Archive TypeII paper, without repetitions, inside a sealed 2,5 mm hand-made cardboard box.

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